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na ??and ASEAN countries. China and its neighbors will n??ever allow Japan to make trouble," said Foreign Min??istry spokesperson Hua Chunying. In recent years, ??Japan has played up the so-called "China threat," a??s an excuse for expanding its military, Hua said. ??For historical reasons, the int1

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ernational community?? and especially Japan's neighbors keep a close eye ??on Japan's military moves, she told a routine press?? briefing. "We have every reason to remain on high?? alert," F


a joint mi??litary drill featuring rescue and disaster alleviation in southwest China?? from Nov. 13 to 18, China's military spokesperson Wu Qian told a press b??riefing on Thursday. A total of 134 land forces from the Southern Theate??r Command of the People's Liberation Army and 89 from U.S. Pacific forcesR

?? will take part in the drill at a training base in the Southern Theater C??ommand in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The drill will be carried out in lin??e with the consensus reached by the two armed forces, and the participant??s will undertake humanitarian re1


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scue and disaster reduction operations at?? high altitude, Wu said. The spokesperson also confirmed salary rises fo??r Chinese servicemen, saying it w5

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ould inspire them to perform their dutie??s better.Chinese military sent a team to Juba, capital of South Sudan, on Wedne??sday to recover the bodies of t9